Reasonable speculation can be a good thing that leads to innovation, but purely financial speculation is one of the major banes in our highly financialized economy. You're critique of neo-liberal macro that they ignore "money, debt and banks" is spot on, and I really like your PLLL policy. However, why not integrate both price and asset deflation and debt jubilee beneficially into the debt based system with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and a 25-50% debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing, the jubilee percentage being higher for an industrial purpose and/or an ecologically sane consumer big ticket item.

The Discount/Rebate at retail sale perfectly mimics the Banks' money creation/accounting process so the effect is beneficial price and asset deflation for the consumer and as the retailer's discount is rebated back to them they get both their full price plus a potential doubling of demand for their goods and services. Pair this policy with a $1000/mo. universal dividend for everyone 18 and older and you totally eliminate poverty with $24k/yr. guaranteed purchasing power which would enable us to eliminate all payroll taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and even social security (people who have paid social security taxes for many years would still get a sliding scale of SS check).

As you're implementing beneficial price and asset deflation by (amazingly) a huge increase in demand that shuts the mouth of every pundit of fiscal austerity and would enable both large decreases in taxation percentage as a futile way to control inflation and open the possibility of funding the mega-projects necessary to confront climate change. These are all ways that such policies integrate the self-interests of traditionally opposed economic and political constituencies.

You could prevent inflation by business models before retail by taking away their tax cuts if they arbitrarily inflate and also taxing any revenue they might garner by such inflation at a rate of 100%. Finally, I would suggest creating a new government department called the Department of Product Innovation, Price Competition, Boycotting and the Public's Bully Pulpit which would have monthly or even weekly press conferences to point the finger at gamers of the new beneficial policies.

The ancients were smarter than every civilization post Rome because they had periodic debt jubilees. So why not make jubilee a permanent continuing part of the economic process with the 25-50% debt jubilee at point of loan signing? The deepest problem economies since forever have faced was the recurring and inevitable build-up of private debt. Let us end that human civilization-long reality. If the private banks can't live with the policy, then create a truly public national banking system which doesn't need to make a profit and is willing to abide by the gracious policies of the new monetary and financial paradigm...and resign private banking to the dust bin of history.

What say ye?

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Steve, yawner!

Lots of margin calls - - especially ones  involving well-connected clients - - are never made.

NYSE open positions don't have to be closed for 28 days.  NYSE specialists can naked short traded issues as long as the position is closed by the end of the trading day.  DTCC is owned by the banks. They own clearing, settlement and the rules governing them. Margin interest is a small cost of doing business.

The NY Fed refuses to publish overnight bank data, though required by statute. 

Dark pools, synthetics, derivatives, off-book transactions - - if there were complete data for these exposures - - would reveal the banking system insolvent and has been for years. 

We're way past 1929. Why? 'Greenspan put'.

We live in the age of  captive monetary administration, bailouts for insiders and white collar welfare masquerading as financial employment.

Market discipline and moral hazard apply to people like us, not to the British PM, Congress, regulators, administrators and their masters in the financial community.

With unlimited and unaccountable monetary authority, these central planners can abuse public administration and keep the financial ‘circus’ ball in the air indefinitely. 

A market meltdown, which Wall Street will orchestrate, only occurs if bailout is certain. Which it is.


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