Great Orwell reference. I loved the anology of drug dealers through out the piece. Loved the write up. Keep it up Steve!

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Thanks Tom. I had a good chuckle when I first thought of it!

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Steve, did you see the release from Treasury today (see link)?

Pasted key quote from the substantive paragraph below.

Lots of flexibility to increase "liquidity support and cash management" (read: debt ceiling) through retirements (debit) of off-run long maturities funded (credit) using temporary over-limit, on-run short maturities.

Release is cleverly written.

"Given the scale of the changes in forecasted borrowing needs, it is likely that key debt characteristics will deviate from TBAC recommended ranges."

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Nothing wrong with debt per se, just its current monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as in burden to repay only, which guarantees the continuous build up of private debt.

After you've identified the general area of the problem ("money, debt and (private) banks") the next step ought to be finding the likely new paradigm concept by becoming aware of the signatures of accomplished paradigm changes like complete conceptual opposition to the current paradigm (gifting) and inversion of the temporal universe realities of same (chronic erosive iflation to beneficial deflation, fiscal austerity to abundance and chronic scarcity of individual purchasing power to a continuous level of security of same for all.

Then find the best ways, places and times to, if possible, continuously implement the effects of the new paradigm like using the same methods for the way Debt Only is created (accounting), where everyone participates (retail sale) or nearly everyone participates (loan signing) so as to have greatest macro-economic effect.

Hunting for further problems or going to another issue is fine, but is an out gradient especially now when general survival dictates hastened action for entire pattern change and one considers that everything adapts to a new paradigm not the other way around so problem resolution is pretty much "baked into the cake" ...especially if you've also discovered and determine to widely apply the concept behind every historical paradigm change (the natural philosophical/not necessarily religious concept of grace).

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Ah, Gifting, always the answer. The only question left to ask is: Do you gift the dominator or the dominated? And maybe also: What are the most strategic points in the economic process to gift for maximum beneficial macro-economic effect?

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