How much money is too much?Listen now (43 min) | The UK government is going spending crazy, with fuel subsidies and tax cuts. What happens when the chancellor spends too much?
I've been focusing on the economics of climate change for over four years now, because it's the most pressing problem facing humanity, and because…
Shadow Banks – necessary or a force for evil? Listen now (38 min) | Shadow Banks can take the blame for the 2007-8 financial crisis, packaging up mortgages and selling them as securities to…
After a long development cycle, version 3.0 of Minsky has just been released. There are still a few features I want to add, but otherwise Mkinsky is now…
My prostate was removed two days ago (Tuesday morning in Sydney). The surgeon was pleased with the way the procedure went, estimating that 95% of my…
Climate chaos wasn't foreseen by economists because they used a fantasy function to predict the future
Changing the role of central banksListen now (38 min) | Liz Truss, the UK’s latest Prime Minister, has vowed to review the mandate of the Bank of England (BoE). So what should change?
Is the European economy stuffed?Listen now (37 min) | Whilst the US might be struggling a bit with inflation, its nothing compared to what’s likely to happen in Europe. This week…
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